Sunday, February 10, 2013


It takes practice to protect the ones you love.

You have to work hard
Give warm hugs
Wipe flowing tears
Grant shoulder rides
Tell half-truths
Invent pure lies
Use simple words to explain complicated matters.

You may need to cull certain people out of your life
Keep a watchful eye
Monitor small changes
Look for clues to determine possible heartache.

You can pray to a higher power when your hands are tied
Depend on lessons taught
Wait for a miracle
Swallow your fears
Hold your breath for sudden enlightenment to strike.

At times, you watch in silence.
Others, you scream away.
Use your fists on someone else’s face, blocking danger.
And some times, there’s nothing left to do but point a gun.

It takes practice to protect the ones you love.

Lilas Taha is a novelist, winner of the 2017 International Book Awards  and is the author of Shadows of Damascus and Bitter Almonds.


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