Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Palestinian Sling!

I want to be your legs.
I’m going to be strong, I promise.
I will carry you and help you stand on my feet.

Attach me to the stumps of your knees.
Let me lift you up so you can find the perfect spot, gain a better aim.
Allow me the honor to be your peg on this patch of dirt, the piece of earth you once stood on, the land you so bravely defend, your home, my homeland, our identity.
Permit me to do something so you can better swirl your sling and send your righteous rock to the heart of its target.

I beg you!
Give me a wisp of your dignity, a grain of your courage, a shadow of your fierceness, an atom of your determination.
Come back to life and stop the world’s heart from staying dead.

 Fadi Hassan Abu Salah, killed in Gaza by Israeli sniper on Monday May 14, 2018

 Lilas Taha is a novelist, winner of the 2017 International Book Awards in the Multicultural Fiction category and is the author of Bitter Almonds and Shadows of Damascus. You can learn more on Taha's website lilastaha.com

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review of Bitter Almonds in Arabic بالعربية

كتبت ليلاس طه، الروائية الفلسطينية المقيمة في أميركا، روايتها «لوز مر» بالإنكليزية وتختار تقديم حكايتها بعيداً من السياسة وقريباً جداً من الصراعات التي تجول في قلوب شخصياتها وما تمثله من قاسم إنساني مشترك مع جميع البشر. ولعل هذا أسهم في فوز الرواية بـ «جائزة الكتاب الدولية» للتعددية الثقافية التي تُمنح سنويا في الولايات المتحدة

 تحليل لرواية اللوز المر بالعربية في جريدة الحياة

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sukoon Magazine Interview

In my recently published interview with Sukoon Magazine, I was asked the following question:

"Would you describe Bitter Almonds as more of a political story or more of a love story? Or maybe love is political anyway?"