Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Matilda: Part 4

            Matilda was hurt. Well, her feelings were hurt, a novel experience for someone like her. And there aren’t many like Matilda.
            The law firm she hired gave her case to a junior attorney and flatly informed her over the phone that she was in capable hands. She wanted the top lawyer she originally met with, but the man was too busy to take her case. She knew he did not want to deal with her, not after she had shown up late for her court hearing. Mr. Big shot attorney had to wait for her. What was the big deal? He got paid for his time, didn’t he? Besides, she had made it to court before they called her case. But that was not good enough for Mr. Expensive Suit. Now she was forced to contend herself with the fresh-out-of-college pompous boy by her side.
            Matilda sat in her designated chair, facing the judge. As soon as the proceedings started, she tuned out. Angry and frustrated, she thought of her losses while the assistant district attorney methodically read a list. She lost her Tommy for good. No way he would come back to her now. Not after what she had done. She lost her nine cats, and her precious house too. She had to sell it to make bail. Matilda was alone. Again. What difference would it make if she were acquitted or not? A prison is a prison, be it a jail cell, or a house full of ferns without her Tommy.
            Matilda leaned closer to her attorney and whispered something in his ear. He pushed his rimless eyeglasses up his nose and mouthed, “Are you sure?”

            She parted her lips in what seemed like a smile and nodded her head. Then she placed her hands flat on the table and rose to her feet. The young man shot out of his chair to say, “Your honor, the defense asks for a short recess to confer with my client.”

What did Matilda do to land her in court? And what did she say to her attorney? Next episode will conclude the story of Matilda.


  1. Matilda discovered Thomas's plot to get her killed when she read his diary. She figured out somehow (I leave that to you to work out) how to turn his plot against him.

  2. Matilda was in court for hiring a rookie hitman to scare Thomas but not to kill him. She got caught and landed in court. The attorney worked a deal with the district attorney for a guilty plea and probation in exchange for information on Thomas' shady background (that's what she saw in the letter). She was having second thoughts in the court room and decided she could not turn in the love of her life...Take it from here:))


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