Saturday, September 22, 2012

Matilda: Part 5 - Matilda & Thomas

            More often than not, things didn’t go as planned. Thomas learned that lesson the hard way. Matilda, however, decided to ignore it. She had a plan in mind, and she would make sure it would produce the results she wanted.
            Going into Thomas’s email account was easy. Idiot Thomas had written his password in his “secret” journal. Matilda wiped out the account’s history, but not before she was able to track down the truck driver who fled the scene after he hit Thomas. Around midnight, she showed up at the man’s doorstep in the shadiest part of town. Journal in one hand, and a roll of bills in the other, she told him she had a proposition for him.
            The man’s face lit up, and he stepped aside to let her in. Matilda held her breath, suppressing the bile that rose from her stomach because of the stench in the dirty room. She placed the money on the table and pushed her hand in her coat pocket. Lured like a mouse to a piece of cheese, the man stood in front of Matilda and started counting hundred dollar bills.
            Her plan worked. Without hesitation, Matilda drew her hand out of her pocket and planted a loaded syringe in his neck. The man’s body jerked with surprise. He turned toward her, his eyes bulging out with rage. He raised his fist in her direction, growled menacingly, and then slammed the floor face down at her feet. Matilda counted to twenty, bent over to retrieve her needle, and pried the bills out of his hand. She took one look around to make sure she didn’t leave anything that might identify her, stepped over the hungry mouse's body and headed out the door.
            Burning Thomas’s journal was the next step in her plan. She stood in front of her fireplace, watching the flames burn any evidence tying Thomas to that man. Her Tommy was safe. The police couldn’t touch him now.

            It took the homicide investigators one week to arrest her. Matilda had not taken into consideration that the kind of chemical she used to kill the hit man was a special order of the clinic she worked at. Since she was the only one who handled lab work, the rest of the puzzle pieces fell into place. She was charged with first-degree murder. The motive, however, eluded the police.

            In court, Matilda conferred with her attorney during the short recess. Her mind was set. She should change her plea to guilty and take full responsibility for her crime. She would not allow her lawyer to bring up Thomas to get her a deal with the district attorney. She would show Thomas how much she loved him. She would protect her Tommy. Even in Hell, Thomas would be indebted to her forever. The last word was hers.

This story is finally over. It was an amusing exercise to keep my mind busy, knowing that the plot had many logic gaps. I appreciate the feedback and the comments I received that helped me make up the events each week.


  1. Very nice ending, not the one I expected! but interesting, good job Lilas, and thank you.


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