Friday, March 15, 2013


I've learned that my book Shadows of Damascus has passed through the second round of eliminations in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Out of the original 10,000 entries down to 500 at this stage, Shadows of Damascus one of them. The book is a fictional novel about current events taking place in Syria. I'm excited, hopeful and delighted.

Mid April, another round of eliminations will take place and the semi-finalists will be announced. I pray to be one of them. The prize is a publishing contract so the book might actually see the light. Judges are basing their reviews on four criteria:

Overall strength of excerpt - Prose/style - Plot/hook - Originality of idea.

You can check out an excerpt of the book on under my name. You'd be able to download an excerpt and leave a review if you're an Amazon member. Here's the link:


  1. ا think it depends on luck now so I pray for you

  2. Thank you. It's still a judged contest. April 16 I will post the Publisher's Weekly review which is a very valuable thing in the judging contest. We'll see.


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