Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shadows of Damascus Cover Release


Shadows of Damascus is a character-driven fictional novel with an usual plot unfolding in the Middle East and America’s dairy land. The story is derived from current events sweeping Syria, and speaks of a softly developing relationship between a man and a woman, worlds apart.

Back home in Wisconsin, reclusive Iraq war veteran Adam Wegener receives a mysterious letter asking for payment of a debt. He figures the letter came from the Syrian interpreter, Fadi Jabir, who saved his life while they were on patrol in Iraq five years earlier. Fadi is one of the opposition leaders protesting against his government. Because of a brutal crackdown, Fadi is desperate to get his sister, Yasmeen to safety. How can Adam help? And what does he have to do to honor his commitment to the man who saved his life?

To escape persecution, Yasmeen is forced to make a difficult decision that lands her in America with Adam, hoping to return home once it is safe. Yasmeen quickly learns she staked her future and security on a man who is plagued by his own demons, suppressing a violent upbringing by an abusive father, and suffering from PTSD nightmares. Can Yasmeen survive life with this traumatized stranger? And will she find a way to move forward given the atrocities she had witnessed in her homeland?

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