Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Social Media Indigestion

So I established a Facebook Author page
and a Facebook book page
and an Author profile on Amazon Amazon Author
and a Goodreads author profile
in addition to my Twitter account @LilasTaha
and LinkedIn account
and my website
Oh! And this blog site.

Now, I am all exhausted. All I want is to write!

When I was a student, I coauthored a paper titled "Starving at the Banquet" with my mentor professor Barrette Caldwell in January 1993  publication  Interpersonal Computing & Technology Journal. The scope of the paper was mainly technical in the field of Safety Engineering, but it touched on the social effects of electronic media presence. At the time, the social media explosion had not happened yet. No Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any of the many venues that keep us glued to our computers and smartphones or tablets. Our research discussed phone calls, emails, typed notes, and face-to-face interactions in the work place. I will not delve into the methodology and findings, but I can tell you the ultimate conclusion when it comes to the best way of conveying vital information content: Face-to-face meetings.

I wonder if this still holds true today, if we take in the "new" forms of communication in the electronic field. I need to do some "googling" as there must be lots of research done on this matter once I have some down time.

From my experience so far, from the minute I landed the publishing contract to launching the book, to this very morning, I have not stopped spinning my wheels on the social media engines. I'm exhausted, and really, all I want to do is finish my second book and find an agent for it.

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